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MegaSlam’s durability puts it above other basketball systems. High quality materials with adjustability makes them the go to ring for all DreamCourt installations


DreamCourts can customize your court to fulfill your court dreams. From NBA team colors to your own personal team. Our team of experienced designers can create a one of a kind backyard experience


1) Small Size 45m² (5 X 9)
2) Medium Size 70m² (7X10)
3) Full Court 510m² (17 X 30)
4) Half Court 150m² (10×15)
5) Larger Half 210m² (15×14)
6) Full Court 420m² (15X28)


DreamCourts prides itself on using only the best flooring solutions. The Elastic double tier suspended flooring is in a league of its own featuring:

  • Wear resistant
  • Fast drainage
  • UV resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Double tier
  • Impact absorption
  • Safe & easy to clean
  • Multipurpose Surface

The Elastic double tier court structure lets you get shots up in rain or shine.


Our courts are of the best quality available on the market today – which is why we back them with a 5 year warranty.

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Elastic Double-Tier Flooring

Backside cross ribs structure provides stronger bearing capacity

Strong material from exclusive formula that help combat deformation and cracking

Chambered edges and corners give an excellent protection when players fall down

Anti-shrink pillars ensure no bulging, racking and court displacement

Extended locks make flooring tiles lock tightly

50 pcs of elastic cushion under each tile. Inspired by NBA court structure that enhances ball bounce rate and anti slip performance

Standard Colours:

MegaSlamTM Basketball Hoops

The ultimate at-home hoop that’s made for pros of all sizes. Made so strong, it will be the last hoop you’ll ever buy

    No need to worry about quality as we back the Megaslam hoop with lifetime warranty on all parts.
    Hot –Dip Galvanised and powder-Coated Steel Stainless Steel Hardware
  • 180 PRO RIM
    The most pro rim you’ll find with break-away action from a full 180
    Lowers from 10’ to 5’ so gamers of all sizes can play and dunk all day long
    One piece direct rim attachment to the backboard and main post makes it a rock-solid hoop for pro-level ball response.


Fixed-Height System

Adjustable-Height System

Wall-Mount System

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Who We Are

DreamCourts was founded by basketball enthusiasts, with quality and passion front of our mind. Our premium flooring is one of the highest quality, suspended flooring products in the world – mimicking a professional indoor playing surface, in an outdoor setting. All courts are completely customisable – shape, colour and design. We also utilise Australia’s premium basketball ring system (provided by MegaSlam) to round out a fully professional playing experience.

If you’re passionate about basketball, our specialist team are ready to make your dream court a reality!




Elastic Double-tier Flooring is designed with the highest quality of materials and technology that is built to last. All DreamCourts comes with a 5 Year limited warranty, ensuring you have many years of enjoyment with your friends and family.

DreamCourts flooring is most effective when installed on a completely flat, hard surface – such as concrete or asphalt. We do not recommend to use on grass, dirt and rock. If you are unsure on the suitability of your space, please contact us and our staff are happy to help you with getting your property ready for your DreamCourt.

Yes, absolutely – the best part about our courts is that you are able to dismantle, take it with you, wherever you may go.

Yes we do!  All courts are completely customisable (size, colour and design). Please ask our friendly staff for some examples. We are here to help bring your DreamCourt to life.

Elastic Double-tier flooring has an extensive list of benefits compared to concrete, including:

  • Sound Reduction – DreamCourts flooring considerably reduces the noise on the court.
  • Bounce – DreamCourts have been designed with ball sports in mind.  All courts offer exceptional bounce – closely resembling a professional indoor experience.
  • Convenience – Instead of travelling to your local park or stadium now you get the ‘Pro’ experience at home in your backyard.
  • Drainage – DreamCourts premium flooring allows water to easily move through the tile, flowing rapidly to the hard surface below where the water freely runs off keeping the courts – puddle free and quick drying. Perfect for die-hard players that don’t want to wait!
  • Anti-slip – DreamCourts flooring has been designed to provide maximum traction through all weather conditions.
  • Aesthetics – Are you ready to show-off your court to your kids, friends, neighbours and family? DreamCourts are not just a great playing surface, they also add to the look and value of your property.
  • Safety – Jumping and running create a lot of impact on the body. Over time this can cause slow deterioration of the joints leading to pain and inflammation. DreamCourts are designed to absorb the shock of high impact ball play, therefore decreasing the jarring effect caused by jumping and running.
  • Value – DreamCourts offer fantastic Return on Investment. Not only as a great way to improve your health but as a capital improvement to any property.

Maintaining your DreamCourts flooring is simple an easy. All you require is a broom, blower or hose in order keep your court looking its best.

The DreamCourts elastic double-tier flooring is manufactured for maximum durability. If cared for, a DreamCourt will last many, many years. That being said, if your court does become damaged, please give the DreamCourts team a call and we will be happy to organise replacement tiles.

Yes, we sure do. Our company is pleased to offer a 12 month interest free term for all products up to the value of $11,000. This service requires a 20% deposit. Payments can be made on a weekly or fortnightly basis.  Please contact our team for further information.

Once the order has been confirmed, your court can be delivered and ready to play on in 6-8 weeks.


Customise your Dream Court to suit your space and personality.


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DreamCourts is located at 1st Floor, 203 Blackburn Road, Mt Waverley VIC 3149, Australia

Our mailing address is PO Box 217 Mount Evelyn VIC 3796, Australia


All DreamCourts products can be shipped directly to you, Australia wide.

Shipping time varies and will be confirmed at the time of order.


Our professional court flooring comes with a 5 year warranty.

Our MegaSlam professional ring systems come with a full lifetime warranty on all parts. They even come with a single use backboard replacement!

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