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Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Courts

What is the size of a regulation Basketball Court?

A regulation size basketball court depends on the sporting body that you are conforming to. A FIBA/NBL court is 28m x 15m, while a regulation NBA court is 28.65m x 15.24m.

Can I install the court myself?

Of Course! Installing our courts are not a hard process, we offer great installation guides to ensure you can tackle the job and be happy with the results.

What makes your tiles different to others on the market?

Our Tiles have been developed over years of experience to continue and push the boundaries of what is possible. We have used our learned experiences both in the environment and also product, to work toward having the best tile on the market. Our Quad Section tile is market innovating and is proved to reduce cupping seen on other single section tiles on the market.

What size court can I get?

At DreamCourts we pride ourselves on creating your dream space in the area you have available. This means the answer is ANY SIZE! We are able to make courts large or small, and all sizes in between.

Can I use my own trades?

Of Course! We recommend using DreamCourts trades as they have completed hundreds of courts and understand how to prep for our court. When using your own trades you need to be on top of the project management, and any mistakes incur costs.

What is Cupping?

Cupping is when the tile keeps its original shape properties on the perimeter of the tile, but through the middle it sees the tile sag. This creates a cup like profile, where you can see and feel the dip in the tiles. Often this occurs on the entire court which becomes unsafe, annoying and drastically reduces the playing performance.

Is my space too small?

DreamCourts can be in any space, as long as you have enough room to shoot around, you have enough space for a court!

Can I make changes to my design during the process?

Absolutely, you are able to make changes to your design up until the point you pay your deposit. Our team will facilitate you to make these design changes to make sure you are happy.

What is your warranty?

Our warranty on tile is 10 Year on the Elite Pro range and 15 Years on our Elite X range. Perfect to give you peace of mind.

What is a Standard Key Width?

Standard Key Width follows the same formula as Court Sizing. A FIBA/NBL Key is 4.9m wide while an NBA key is 4.88m wide.

Does DIY Installation void warranty?

No, as long as you install the Hoop and Court according to the install guides, your product will be covered under warranty. Barring any misuse or warranty conditions.

Do your tiles really play like timber courts?

Our tile has been tested to perform at 98% compared to timber. This gives you are great training and playing environment that can be translated to your playing environment.

What is the standard length of the Free Throw Line?

When making a Basketball Court at home, the most important measurement in a Key is the Foul Line. This measurement is important as it means you are getting the right practice when at home and working on your Foul Shots. A FIBA/NBL Foul Line is 4.6m from the backboard, while an NBA Foul Line is 4.57m from the backboard.

Are more silicone shock pads better then less?

Not always! Our tiles strategically have less silicone pads compared to our competitors due to our innovative quad section design. We researched and tested to find a sweet spot for silicone pads where we did not see any reduction in shock absorption, but where it also gave us the ability to have the flexible sections where we have removed some silicone pads, this gives the tile more chance to flex naturally with your ankle movements.

What is the standard length for a 3 point line?

A standard 3 point line in FIBA/NBL is 6.75m from the Basket and 6.6m in the corner, while a standard NBA 3 point line is 7.24m from the Basket and 6.7m in the corner.

Commercial Courts

Why Choose Tiles over other Surfaces

While other surfaces all have their benefits, Tiles are a heart product that can withstand the elements, are more forgiving with substrate changes (such as concrete cracking), and offer long term performance that is unrivalled.

Do I need to do a new substrate if its damaged?

Our Team are specialists at saving substrates, we can grind and repair cracks that have not changed the structural integrity of the slab, to keep costs down, and get you the best surface. Of course not all slabs can be saved, as some are just too far gone to repair.

Do your team offer Maintenance?

Yes, we can arrange to maintain your court to ensure it is at its pristine level for long periods, this is normally a 6 month scheduled service where we would visit and clean the court, while replacing any issues and ensuring everything is working well.

Are your courts safe to leave in public areas?

Our tiles have anchor points that are fixed down into the concrete or asphalt using anchor screws, so much like the safety of a light pole, park bench or bin unit, our courts are fixed into place.

We want to get a court but we don’t know about the sport?

Our team will be your expert guides and hold your hands to ensure a smooth experience. They will ask the right questions to get the information you didn't know was relevant, and will also be able to make sure that your courts are made to the right size, regulations and standards when possible.

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