Ace It With DIY Tennis Court Resurfacing

Ace It With DIY Tennis Court Resurfacing

A tennis court is a great addition to any home. But traditional Astroturf can require some maintenance to keep it in its best condition.

15 Jan


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A tennis court is a great addition to any home. But traditional Astroturf can require some maintenance to keep it in its best condition. That’s why it’s worth considering upgrading to DreamCourts multi-sport court surface solution. Our simple tile system even makes DIY tennis court resurfacing a cinch. Read on to learn more and how you can have your own dream court at home.

Size Matters

A multi-sport court is great for a budding young athlete who might be showing potential in a few different codes. Having a practice space is sure to provide a home court advantage as your little pro develops. Plus it’s a great space for the whole family to use. If you’re considering converting your existing court into a multi-purpose space then it pays to know your tennis court dimensions. Typically a large cour measures 23.77m long by 10.97m wide. While standard basketball court dimensions are 15 by 28 metres for a full sized court.

If you’re interested in completely renovating your existing set up, The DreamCourts Multi Court Amatuer will fit a tennis court and leave room for your own home basketball court as well. The beauty of a DIY resurfacing is that you can customise to fit your needs. Plus, you can really upgrade with our CourtDesigner for a truly individual set up. The DreamCourts tile system is designed so that the surface simply clicks into place and can be laid on any pre-existing hard level area.

Weather resistant, the tiles are designed to quickly drain so that you play rain, hail, or shine. Finally, the game doesn’t have to be stopped by Australia’s wild weather—which anyone who owns astroturf knows all too well can be a real buzz-kill. Alternatively, if you already have an outdoor basketball court, then you can install our sports surface to the existing level base for a home tennis court.

All Rounder

Because our court surfaces can be used outside, you can convert that backyard basketball court into a tennis court easily. Especially if you have a tennis court sized space to work with. The tiles are available in a range of colours with tennis court line markings included. DreamCourts also come in different thicknesses depending on your needs.

The EliteX is 19mm thick and comes with level 3 grip rating. This level is covered by a 15 year warranty. The Elite Pro level is 15mm thick with level 2 grip rating and is covered by a 10 year warranty. And our Elite Multi is 15mm thick with level 3 grip rating and is covered by a 8 year warranty. The benefit of a multi-sports court flooring is that it can cater to your changing needs and serves as a multi-purpose space as your young one grows up. Typically, tennis court surfacing wears and doesn’t provide the same bounce or traction for different sports like basketball. Plus, once you start adding different lines over the service lines things can get confusing.

DreamCourts bright surface colours and smart court linings mean you can switch between codes seamlessly, and the thick cushioning provides the right bounce no matter the game. It might also be worth looking into Pro Containment Netting, to keep the game on the court. So what are you waiting for? Stop putting off that tennis court resurfacing project and upgrade your home court now.

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