Holding Court: DIY Basketball Court In Your Backyard

Holding Court: DIY Basketball Court In Your Backyard

To keep training all year round, it helps to have a court in your own backyard basketball court.

10 Sep


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Basketball doesn’t stop. The NBA is basking in its restart, the NBL is getting ready to light up the Australian summer, and one-on-one battles can still be observed on outdoor basketball courts around the nation. But now more than ever, hoop fans are finding it tougher to regularly get up their own shots.

To keep your superstar training all year round, it helps to have a court in your own backyard basketball court. Luckily, private courts are no longer exclusive to the stars on MTV Cribs. With DreamCourts, you can bring basketball to your own home. And with a custom DIY basketball court, you can design it to suit you.

From Melbourne to Sydney, Adelaide to Hobart and everywhere in between, bring basketball home with DreamCourts. As official partners of the NBL, DreamCourts offer world-standard, custom-built DIY basketball courts in the comfort of your own backyard thanks to our easy to use online basketball court builder.

Whether you choose to emulate the raw look of New York’s Rucker Park, the ultra modern court design of the Golden State Warriors’ new Chase Center, or the classic appeal of the old Boston Garden, DreamCourts can make your hoop fantasies a reality. For some, your dream court may be a homage to the court you first learnt to play on.

It’s a safe environment to teach your kids the game you love. Elite adjustable basketball rings come standard at DreamCourts, complementing the regulation tempered glass backboard. That’s perfect for a half-court game of basketball for kids that pits parents against kids or a friendly showdown of H-O-R-S-E between siblings.

Standard courts come with a selection of tiles, each offering their own advantages depending on your preferences and your price range.

Choose your weapon

The first and arguably most important step in your decision-making are the tiles (or flooring) you wish to put down. The colouring and marking is fully customisable, and there are two main options.

DreamCourt’s ElitePro tiles are multi purpose and come with five-millimetre silicon cushions, great for shock absorption on growing bodies and noise reduction in quieter suburbs. Another benefit of the ElitePro is the softness of the surface helps minimise abrasions should the players take a tumble.

On the other hand, Elite X tiles come with 25-millimetre silicon cushions and are more commonly installed in commercial properties and schools. Of course, heavy-duty ballers can access upon request. The quick-dry advantages of this tile means rainy days cause only minor breaks in play for backyard basketball courts. For young teammates using a DreamCourt to get in some vital extra practice en route to a 2021 title charge, Elite X is recommended.

Court custom-fit for a king

There are also DIY options, which plays right into the hands of house-bound hoop fans. The shape, colour and overall design of the court is totally up to you, and the entire Pro Range comes with a lifetime warranty.

You may want to save some money by doing the excavation work yourself when it comes to an outdoor basketball court and rely on DreamCourts to finish the job with the flooring and the ring system. DreamCourts can fit the set-up from the get-go or merely supply the materials if you fancy yourself as a handy man or woman—this is basketball at its most bespoke.

The Stuff of Dreams

Whether you want to go baseline to baseline with a full-size court or install a thin fun-size court to work on your free throws and post-up game, DreamCourts has you covered.

Ready to get started? Start designing your dream court here.

Are you ready to make your hoop dreams a reality?


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