What Are Standard Tennis Court Dimensions?

What Are Standard Tennis Court Dimensions?

Most of us want to play tennis at one point of the year and after all, all you need is a racquet, tennis balls and a court to do so.

12 Nov


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Forget the frustration of finding a local tennis court to go for a hit, thanks to DreamCourts you can have your very own professional tennis court to play on whenever you like.

Most of us want to play tennis at one point of the year and after all, all you need is a racquet, tennis balls and a court to do so. You might have a tennis court in your area, but it might just have an asphalt surface. It might not even have a net. The gate might be locked or it might even be full. You could try going down to your local tennis club, but again they might not be open, they might only cater to their members or might not even have any places available.

DreamCourts can take care of all those problems by being able to install your very own professional tennis court wherever is best for you to have access - and using the precise tennis court dimensions that you need. If you have the room for a tennis court on your property, DreamCourts will install what you could only dream of - and to any tennis court dimensions that you need. An Amatuer court starts at 28 x 15, and an Elite is 30 x 17 and a Professional is 37 x 18. The elite cushioning tiles used will provide bounce and cushioning as well as firmness only professional tennis players usually get. You can customise the design of your tennis court to look exactly how you want it to. You are only limited by your imagination – anything you envision DreamCourts can make a reality.

DreamCourts can truly shine in terms of providing tennis court facilities for the public. If you are a school, university, government or council wanting to provide the best tennis court facility, DreamCourts can make it happen. We've all played on those old rundown school or community tennis courts. But now thanks to DreamCourts, going down to play tennis at your school or council facility will now provide you with the experience of playing on a court surface the professionals enjoy.

DreamCourts will provide the best tennis court facilities around for the public, but if you are a business with an event to organise or looking for fresh ways at brand activation, a DreamCourts tennis set up is the way to go too. You could blow away those attending your next event by providing them with a professional tennis court playing experience. You can also supply clients with the way of activating different branding opportunities on the court or the surrounding set up.

DreamCourts will provide the best playing surface for tennis which has premium quality bounce, is shock absorbing, quick drying and ready to be played on all-year round under any conditions, inside or out, available in multiple dimensions and court sizes. The tiles used also provide injury-prevention technology and anywhere you have a space for a tennis court, DreamCourts will provide you with the best quality product you can find. If you have space at home, you will be the envy of the neighbourhood while having hours of time to now work on your tennis game in the comfort of home while having facilities professional tennis players would be envious of. You might be a school trying to set up a new area for your students and whether it's one or 12 tennis courts you want, DreamCourts will install for your students the best playing area and don't forget – you can customise the look however you want!The most exciting area might be for businesses too or for anyone hosting a function or event. Just get in touch with DreamCourts and we'll take care of the brand activation needs of your clients, and the enjoyment of everyone in attendance.

Tennis courts are among the most sought after facilities anywhere sport is played. Thanks to DreamCourts, all you need is to bring your game, racquet and some tennis balls, and you'll get to feel like a professional on the surface provided.

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