What Are The Different Basketball Court Sizes?

What Are The Different Basketball Court Sizes?

Besides the space you have and the budget you’re working with, there’s a few things to consider when selecting what basketball court size you’d like at home.

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If you’re looking at installing a backyard basketball court, the court size will depend on how much space you have. Can you only fit in a half-court or is there space for a full court, FIBA regulation size? Besides the space you have and the budget you’re working with, there’s a few things to consider when selecting what basketball court size you’d like at home. The same goes for a school or sports organisation looking to resurface or build a new court. DreamCourts can help you design and install an indoor or outdoor basketball court for any size.

For a backyard basketball court, you’d likely be looking at a court that measures between 7 to 8 metres long and 5 to 15 metres wide, depending on whether or not you’ll include in a three-point line and if it’s NBA or FIBA rules you’re following. A common small court measures 5 by 9 metres. DreamCourts offer a range of common basketball court sizes, from small set ups to full-sized pro courts. Or we can design and build a court to fit any space. We also have multi-court basketball systems that help you maximise the available space to use for different sports.

Having a basketball court at home is a great way to keep up practice, remain fit and entertain the whole family. It’s also a convenient practice space for the budding champion, especially when it’s equipped with pro-level dimensions.

Custom Court Sizes

Our range of pre-set sizes include regulation line markings, like the DreamCourts full-size court which follows FIBA regulations and measures 15 by 28 metres. The Pro Half Court is 15 by 14 metres and the Pro Full Court is 17 by 28 metres. This is for the really serious player looking to run all kinds of practice drills and games. Or for an organisation or school looking to upgrade their current space. For small spaces, the Small Court measures 5 by 9 metres and the Medium Court measures 7 by 10 metres.

We also have a Half-Court set up that measures 10 by 15 metres. Of course, the real beauty of the DreamCourts basketball system is the ability to custom build a court to fit any space.

Design Your Own

You can get your very own dream court with the DreamCourts Court Designer or quote a complete custom build to fit in the space you have. Have a play around and see what options fit. The online designer is easier to use and has plenty of customisation options to build your own DIY basketball court. Our court surfaces are also multi-purpose and can be used for a range of ball sports. The DreamCourts system is also suitable for Tennis Court Resurfacing.

Other Considerations

Besides the overall size of the basketball court, there are some other key dimensions to keep in mind if you’re considering installing a court at home. Depending if it’s an outdoor or indoor basketball court, height will play a factor so ensure you have enough clearance to fit a basketball hoop. DreamCourts have a height adjustable basketball ring system called DreamHoops which is perfect for backyard basketball courts.

You’ll also need to think about the age of your young athlete. When it comes to basketball for kids, the ring is often lowered in youth competitions. If it’s an outdoor basketball court you’re considering, think about the containment of the court too—especially if you’re near a busy road with little ones. If there isn’t a tall fence or hedging to help rebound the ball, consider a netting system like our Pro Containment netting. This can be designed to suit your needs as well, with complete custom dimensions available.

If there’s more you’d like to know about the different basketball court sizes, speak to us today about your options and custom builds.

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