An outdoor basketball court with a basketball hoop.

About Dreamcourts

Why Use Dreamcourts?

In a world where it is hard to find a trusted and reliable trades person, DreamCourts have taken the worry away for you. Our friendly staff are available to walk you through the entire process, from pre sales information, site inspection, post sales care and professional install, we ensure your process is one that you will love telling your friends and family about.

We work with a trusted group of subcontractors to fulfil earthworks, civil works, fencing and more, giving you the option to get us to complete your project from start to finish.

All DreamCourts customers that require any earthworks, civil works, or further additional works also have the option to use their own trades.

Key Benefits

Why Choose DreamCourts for Installation?

DreamCourts professionals are equipped to make your project as smooth and easy as can be. See why you can trust DreamCourts with your project.

Tailored Solutions

We work with you to deliver a unique and personal outcome, with no two jobs the same, we are dedicated to making your experience a Dream.

Certified and Warranty

Get peace of mind with industry leading warranties and certification in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Experienced Tradespeople

With a team of dedicated tradespeople to tackle your project, we have a range of skills to work through complex and custom projects.

On-Time Delivery

We work towards your timeline to deliver courts on time, when problems arise we ensure the process is transparent, and find solutions to meet timelines.

A basketball court with a basketball hoop in the middle of it.

Commercial Courts

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Tiles over other Surfaces

While other surfaces all have their benefits, Tiles are a heart product that can withstand the elements, are more forgiving with substrate changes (such as concrete cracking), and offer long term performance that is unrivalled.

Do I need to do a new substrate if its damaged?

Our Team are specialists at saving substrates, we can grind and repair cracks that have not changed the structural integrity of the slab, to keep costs down, and get you the best surface. Of course not all slabs can be saved, as some are just too far gone to repair.

Do your team offer Maintenance?

Yes, we can arrange to maintain your court to ensure it is at its pristine level for long periods, this is normally a 6 month scheduled service where we would visit and clean the court, while replacing any issues and ensuring everything is working well.

Are your courts safe to leave in public areas?

Our tiles have anchor points that are fixed down into the concrete or asphalt using anchor screws, so much like the safety of a light pole, park bench or bin unit, our courts are fixed into place.

We want to get a court but we don’t know about the sport?

Our team will be your expert guides and hold your hands to ensure a smooth experience. They will ask the right questions to get the information you didn't know was relevant, and will also be able to make sure that your courts are made to the right size, regulations and standards when possible.

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